The INTERFACE TO SIMULINK makes it possible to simulate the interactions of micromechanical sensors and actuators with the control and evaluation electronics in a complex system. All electromechanical model components and the defined loads and transient simulation settings are automatically transferred to SIMULINK. The input signals are the voltages at the electrodes and the vectors for external accelerations and yaw rates. Forces and moments on the mass bodies and springs can also be introduced for an evaluation of the functional behaviour. The displacement vectors at any structural points, the capacities and the currents at the electrodes can be evaluated as output signals.

MEMS models can be exported at various levels of abstraction. In the simplest case, a purely rigid body model can be used. It is also possible to model with selected or all degrees of freedom of movement at the springs, or using model variants based on modal superposition. Transient simulation results can be visualised in SIMULINK with SCOPE blocks or transferred to the MODELBUILDER as 3D animations for graphical visualisation.

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