The MODELBUILDER is the basic module of the i-ROM software package and revolutionises the previously time-consuming design process.

Even complicated MEMS models with multiple mass bodies and complex comb cells can be created in next to no time. In MODELBUILDER, MEMS models are assembled from parametric library elements that are described and linked together using simple commands. Model parameters such as manufacturing tolerances or simulation settings are defined via an interface (GUI). All model components can be clearly viewed in 3D representations.

  • The mass bodies of sensors and actuators are depicted as rigid bodies with all six degrees of freedom.
  • Perforations, production-related underetchings and etched slopes are recorded.
  • Spring structures are portrayed as Timoshenko beam elements, making it possible to simulate spring vibrations and their resonant frequencies.
  • Capacitive transducers are modelled as parametric comb cells and plate-shaped capacitors.

The mechanical behaviour and electromechanical interactions can be simulated and visualised by means of static, harmonic and transient calculation methods as well as in a modal analysis. Characteristic values such as pull-in and hysteresis-release voltages and the frequency shifts of eigenmodes are determined from electrostatic fields and the quadrature of yaw-rate sensors in trapezoidal spring cross sections.

The MODELBUILDER provides outstanding support for the development, analysis and evaluation of new and existing microsystem products. Various ideas (layouts) can be dimensioned, optimised and compared in no time at all.

The MODELBUILDER is a sophisticated, practical and easy-to-use software for this demanding task.

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