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When flexibility is required (06/21/2021)

We are now also offering you the model maker as a software-as-a-service package for use. All you need is an internet-enabled computer. We'll do the rest. No installation, no administration, just log in and off you go. Billing is per user and month.

SENSOR CHINA Expo & Conference 2021

8 - 10 December 2021, Shanghai

Despite Corona, try to be there for you personally. Please visit us at booth G006.

International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems

20 - 25 June 2021

We are proud Bronze Sponsor and be happy to answer your questions.


Designing advanced sensors is not coincidence but the result of a systematic approach (12/20/2020)

The i-ROM MODELBUILDER is the first simulation tool that considers changing design parameters, manufacturing tolerances and user requirements in no time and simulates the interactions of the various influencing factors. The results are available just seconds later for further optimization of your design and thus shorten the time-consuming design process many times over.

Interfaces to MATLAB SIMULINK and ANSYS are available for fine tuning, so that the MODELBUILDER can be easily integrated into your software structure.

Getting started is easier than you think. The professional USER MANUAL guides you step by step and explains in detail using examples of how acceleration sensors, angular rate sensors and micromirrors are designed.

Target groups are engineers who design sensors and actuators for consumer products and for the automotive industry. In academia, the i-ROM MODELBUILDER supports lecturers to train students with realistic examples and make classroom theory come alive.

Test the i-ROM MODELBUILDER for free. We are available for your first steps at any time. Of course, preferred online and free of charge. We are looking forward to your message.


25th to 28th of October 2020, Rotterdam

We show the new version of the i-ROM Modelbuilder. You can't design sensors faster and more effectively.

See for yourself: https://youtu.be/bNYcGrrEAjI or https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1ai4y1L7t3/


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