i-ROM support &
customer training

Free introductory seminar

As an introduction, i-ROM offers individual free web-based seminars for all customers. The seminars deal with the individual priorities of the customers, give an overview of the design process in microsystem technology and explain the application of the MODELBUILDER and the INTERFACE programs.



User manual

i-ROM products come with a comprehensive USER MANUAL and a wide range of examples for specific software features.


Technical support
You can email i-ROM’s technical support team at support@i-rom.de. It’s free of charge for the term of the licence and available around the clock.

Individual enquiries
If you want, i-ROM can provide individual support in the design of customised applications with our software products. Separate contractual agreements will be required.

We are here for you

Any questions or do you want to test?

30 days test for free - installed on your computer or in the i-ROM cloud

Download the i-ROM Modelbuilder for 30 days free of charge / Any questions?


1. Program configuration

The number of functional elements is limited in the trial version. This does not affect functionality.

2. Installation


For the installation, we require information on your computer configuration.

3. Any questions?